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06.24.2011 | Author: Robertvelly | Posted in Alternative Medicine | Comments OffApproximately 90% of all women have stretch marks. Stretch marks can be the result of everything from weight gain to growth spurts to pregnancy. When skin is forced to stretch or grow at a rapid rate, tears can form in the skin’s surface where there is not enough collagen or elastin, the factors that keep […]
Carry Your Re-Chargeable Vaporizer with You Wherever You Go
06.23.2011 | Author: cheepvaporizer | Posted in Alternative Medicine | Comments OffHere is much kind of vaporizers in the help that you can decide from. Some of them are portable vaporizers, rechargeable vaporizers, butane powered vaporizers, electric vaporizers cryogenic vaporizers, etc. One of the biggest advantages of have a vaporizer is to treat infection such as cold, flu and fever. With the assist of a vaporizer, […]
Cerebral Palsy – Assisting In Day To Day Activities
06.14.2011 | Author: KRobinson | Posted in Alternative Medicine | Comments OffThe recommended activities for children with cerebral palsy include proper medical intervention coupled with physical therapy, language and speech therapy, early education involving special learning programs, occupational therapy, as well as family support services. This can help improve the day to day activities of children with cerebral palsy and allow them the opportunity to lead […]
Risk assessment
06.10.2011 | Author: ohssie | Posted in Alternative Medicine | Comments OffA risk Assessment of your organisation will assist you in complying with requirements for risk assessment under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005. A Risk Assessment will identifiy hazards and assess the risks within an organisation which are key to the management of risk and prevention of accidents and injuries. A Risk […]
The advantages of thirty days Diet Based Cleansing Program
06.09.2011 | Author: johnlilly | Posted in Alternative Medicine | Comments OffIn case you’ve focus on improving digestion and makes the beginning of weightloss program, it’s appropriate to think about 30 days cleansing eating habits, for affecting the cleansing of colon. The effect of colon detoxification is usually noticed by boost in one’s energy levels, we have an end towards the constipation problem besides causing improvement […]
Past Lives: Nero a Case History Part 1
06.02.2011 | Author: 1awakening | Posted in Alternative Medicine | Comments OffThe first question most people usually ask me when they know that I specialise in past life regression is, “Have you come across many clients who go into the past lives of famous people?” The answer to that in all honesty is “No.” I have however worked with a few people who I genuinely believe […]
Some Information About Herbal Supplements & Herbal Products
05.18.2011 | Author: jessica79 | Posted in Alternative Medicine, Health | Comments OffThe science and technology has advanced astonishingly and it is still developing day by day. Similarly medical science has also been developed greatly and it is reaching to the new heights, but it still can’t refute the importance of herbal supplements and herbal remedies. Herbal supplements and herbal products were a source of healing and […]
Manhattan – New York – Getting Popular For Its Best Orthopedic Specialties
05.13.2011 | Author: empowereddoctor | Posted in Alternative Medicine | Comments OffManhattan is known all over the world for its best orthopedic doctors New York City. The aim of every orthopedic surgeon New York City is to provide high level of quality and compassion in their treatment and serve the people of Manhattan and surroundings. They are dedicated to their patients to cure them with best […]
Vitiligo and their treatments in USA
04.28.2011 | Author: vitiligodot | Posted in Alternative Medicine | Comments OffVitiligo is a skin disease appears due to the loss of pigment producing (melanin) cells in skin. The disease symptoms includes white spots or patches on skin, change in hair color before the age of 35, loss of vision because of retina of eyes damages and affected skin mucous membrane. The disease  vitiligo appearance chances […]
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