Are you ready for your MCSA? Are you ready for your MCSE exam?

Are you ready for your MCSA? Are you ready for your MCSE exam?
What is the purpose of a certification? A certification path is as important today’s technologically advanced environment as a college degree. A certification gives an individual the chance to show the world that they are skilled in a particular area. Many IT and professional employees display their certifications as trophies. Businesses are realizing this and allowing employees to continue their education through a certification pathway. Online learning has become a great way to learn new technologies, and to earn respectable certifications.
New Horizons has taken the traditional route to certification and created a new and exciting method to earn certain certifications. We can offer the same certification in a shorter time frame and at a lower cost. Bootcamps offer a more fast-paced environment where students can earn their certification faster, since the courses are compounded. Bootcamps allow students to complete all required training without having to leave their office. This allows business owners to obtain their ROI much quicker.
New Horizons Computer Learning Centers of Southern California invites you to join our MCSE Cloud BOOTCAMP, which will be held May 3rd-7th. This course will cover 20246 Monitoring, Operating and Deploying Private Clouds.
Why choose a BOOOTCAMP? It can be costly and time-consuming to get your MSCE. A BOOTCAMP can speed up the process while saving money. It allows you to complete the entire MCSE in just 5 days and saves you at least 40%. It provides certification, advanced skills-sets, and reduced time outside of the office.
Your MCSE certification proves that you are proficient in managing and implementing Microsoft cloud computing technologies. This qualifies you for positions such as network manager, system programmer, server administrator, and systems programmer.
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