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  • My journey so far: How I got into Project Management – Prothoughts

    This article is a reflection of my professional experience and how I got involved with Project Management. After completing my Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Nagpur University I moved to the USA to pursue my Master’s in Operations Research at Virginia Tech. While completing my degree, I worked as a data analyst at Virginia Tech […]

  • My Bumpy PMP Story – Success Story – Prothoughts

    Now you know how to earn PDUs. It was simple, wasn’t it? The next step is reporting on the PDUs. PDU activities should be recorded as they occur. CCRS is the best way to record PDUs. To maintain active certification status, you must keep track of your PDUs and complete renewals before the end of […]

  • Microsoft Project and PMBOK (r) Knowledge – The Process Areas ProThoughts Solution

    MSP cannot replace sound, robust project management across all PMBOK(r), process areas and Knowledge Areas. The PM team and the Project Manager must perform these core activities. They will need to develop and maintain project plans, subsidiary plans, baselines, as well as other documents that will guide project execution, control, monitoring, and closure. Their experience, […]

  • Michel Thiry material for program management training – ProThoughts Solutions

    Michel Thiry, as many of you already know, is a pioneer in the development of what we now call “Program Management”. He has been a sought-after speaker at many project management conferences, including those hosted by PMI (Project Management Institute). Our experts read his book to get their PgMP certification. They were overwhelmed by the […]

  • Memoirs of the journey towards PMP(r), Certification! ProThoughts Solution

    Preparing for the PMP certification brought back memories from my college days. I have over 18 years of experience in the IT industry. I managed the offshore development center for a Canadian company. During the project development process, there were many projects that would exceed the budget and timeline. I realized that there might be […]

  • Maximizing the value of PMP certification with MS Project Certification – ProThoughts Solution

    The best way to maximize the value of PMP certification is through its application using MSPs. This self-fulfilling experience equips you with all the skills and knowledge needed to manage most projects. You will also be required to conduct a SWOT analysis in order to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Although you will be eager […]

  • ProThoughts Solutions is a provider of project management training for government employees.

    This Republic Day, witness the importance of project management certification in enhancing government and employee work We are now in 2022 and we are slowly moving towards the 75th Independence Day of India, but Republic Day 2022 is already here. Let’s take a look at project management certification and how it can benefit government employees. […]

  • PMP Exam Changes – Why PMP Certified in 2020

    The Project Management Institute (PMI(r) had previously announced that there would be some changes in the Project Management Professional(r) certification exam beginning in July 2020. However, later changes were delayed due to COVID19 to become effective 2nd January 2021. Why is the PMP Exam changing in 2020? PMI(r), which conducts research every 3-5 years, studies […]

  • Find the right type of project management certification for your career

    Project Managers are the blueprint drafting team for any ongoing project. Project Management certification They can be a support and allow them to succeed in both a personal and organizational manner. PMI Certified Project Managers are considered mavericks. They can drive their projects with their Project Management Skillset. Project Management Certification and Preparation for it […]

  • Journey to PMP Certification: 40 Days of Planned effort!! Prothoughts

    Hello People, Ravi Chopade is a Senior Research Analyst at Nielsen. I have a total of 4 years experience. ProThoughts in Mumbai conducted training sessions for me on the 15, 16, 22 and 23, July 2017. ProThoughts provided excellent training in PMP. I enjoyed the group activities and the quick quiz that made the content […]

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