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  • Is PgMP your next move?

    PMI(r), which offers the PgMP – Program Management Certificate, is one of the most popular advanced certifications in project management. PgMP Certification is actually one of the fastest-growing certifications in the world. A recent survey in the USA showed that the demand for Program Managers was far greater than the number of PgMP Certified professionals. […]

  • Is it ethical for Copyright Infringement to be sued? Prothoughts

    Anti-Piracy Policies and Laws This article was written because of widespread concerns about copyrighted content being copied from unauthorized sources and downloaded. Some websites offer content that is free to be copied or duplicated, which means you can download and share the works without restriction. However, most websites are protected by copyright. Unauthorized downloading/ duplication […]

  • Is there a training class for the CCIE Lab

    Is there a training class for the CCIE Lab CCIE is a Cisco expert-level certification. It can be described as a high-level certification. It consists mainly of a written exam and a laboratory exam. The eight-hour lab exam is the most difficult. Many network engineers will wonder if they can learn by themselves in the […]

  • What is the Work Content of CCIE

    What is the work content for CCIE? As we all know, CCIE certification is the highest level in Cisco certification. Therefore, the number of people who have passed the CCIE exam are not large. There is still a huge talent gap in the IT industry. What kind of work can you do after obtaining your […]

  • How long does CCIE Training take at Least?

    How long does CCIE training last? Many network engineers are striving to achieve the Expert-level Certification, CCIE Cisco Certification. Many people are anxious about taking the exam, as they fear that it will take too much time. It can be difficult for people who are already working to study. Many people are curious about the […]

  • What is the CCIE Network Engineer’s Recruitment Position?

    What is the role of a CCIE Network Engineer in recruiting? It will be very useful to find a job after becoming a CCIE Network engineer. You can find the relevant information on the recruitment website. Many positions have priority admission conditions for candidates who hold CCIE Certification. The benefits are obvious. How many positions […]

  • Basic Design and Implementation of the Cisco EI CCIE Enterprise Network

    How to understand the difference between Layer 3 Switches and Routers I’ve been working with network technology for years, but what’s the difference between layer 3 switches and routers? There will always be many people who don’t know. What is the difference? It is important to fully understand the difference. Layer-2 switch’s simplest principle is […]

  • Where is the Domestic CCIE Examination held? What certificates are required for the written examination and CCIE Lab?

    The following answers are for domestic CCIE examination. Everyone who is interested in network technology should strive to obtain CCIE certification. CCIE certification is not only Cisco Certified Expert certification, but also a way to learn expert technology in CCIE. Moreover, once you reach CCIE certification, you will feel more pressure to learn and will […]

  • What is the cost of the new CCIE EI Training Plus CCIE Examinations?

    Cisco has introduced a new certification system on February 24, 2020. The new certification system will include the updating and updating of CCIE examination content and forms, as well as the adjustment of exam fees. The content and format of the CCIE examination has changed. Therefore, SPOTO CCIE training institutions will need to adjust and […]

  • Is the Training for Network Engineers Useful?

    Is network engineer training useful? Network engineer is a popular and exciting career that offers great salary potential and broad development opportunities. To become a network engineer, however, you must pass certifications from well-known companies like Cisco and HUAWEI. These exams are often difficult. Many people are unsure where to begin. Self-study is not efficient […]