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CCBA: Certification Of Capability in Business Analysis Study guide – Blog

The IT industry is a lucrative one, and the demand for certifications to validate your skills is increasing. The internationally recognized CCBA- Certification Of Capability in Business Analysis (IIBA) helps you to prove your skills and show your expertise. The CCBA: Certification of Capability In Business Analysis covers the essential skills required of business analysts professionals. It is based on industry standards and benchmarks of IIBA (r) and other organizations.
Clearing the IIBA CCBA exam can be difficult. This exam requires expert guidance and authentic resources. It is also difficult to crack due to its extensive syllabus. We have created a study guide to help you on your way to this certification.
Target Audience – CCBA Exam
The CCBA certification exam was specifically designed for the following professionals
First, individuals with an ECBA ™ designation
Second, Product Managers
Third, Non-BA consultants
Trainers are also available
Further, Hybrid Business Analysis professionals, including: Project Manager, Testers, Quality Assurance (QA) professionals, Change/Transformation Managers, and Designers
CCBA Eligibility
The following prerequisites are required to earn the CCBA designation:
Start by completing a minimum 3,750 hours of Business Analysis experience within the last 7 years.
Next, you must complete a minimum 900 hour in each of the 6 BABOK (r) Guide Knowledge Areas OR a minimum 500 hours in each of the 4 BABOK (r) Guide Knowledge Areas.
Also, complete a minimum of 21 hours of professional development within the last four years.
Provide references.
Additionally, agree to the Code of Conduct.
Accept the Terms and Conditions.
Finally, pass the exam.
Preparatory Guide for CCBA: Certification in Capability in Business Analysis Exam
Preparation is key to passing an exam. For you to succeed in exam preparations, you need guidance and proper training. There are many resources to help you prepare. You must have the right information and tools in order to pass the exam. We have you covered. This is our carefully curated guide that will help you pass the Certification in Capability in Business Analysis in your first attempt. Let’s go over each step.
Step 1: Get familiar with the Exam Course
The IIBA CCBA Certification exam covers six knowledge areas, which are further sub-divisioned into different domains. Before you begin your preparations, it is important to familiarize yourself with the objectives and course domains. You should dedicate enough time to each topic. Also, you should have a thorough knowledge of the subject. This can be done by focusing your study on the course domains. For more information on the CCBA certification exam, please visit the official website IIBA. These are the domains that the CCBA exam blueprint covers:
Domain 1- Requirements Analysis & Design Definition -32%
This domain is focused on concepts that can be used to model and specify requirements, verify them, and validate them. This domain also includes the definition of requirements architecture, design options, analysis of potential value, and recommendation for solution.
Domain 2. Strategy Analysis -12%
This domain is primarily focused on topics such as defining Future State, assessing Risks, and analyzing Current State.
Domain 3. Domain 3.
This domain also covers concepts such as tracing requirements, maintaining requirements, and prioritizing requirements. Also, Assess Requirements and Approve Changes
Domain 4. Domain 4.
This domain includes concepts to Analyze Performance Measures and Measure Solution Performance. You can also assess the enterprise limits and make recommendations to increase solution value.