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CCC Cloud Technology Associate Exam Format Blog

There are many certifications that can be obtained due to the growing career opportunities in cloud computing. You must also have a solid foundation in cloud computing. The Cloud Computing exam is CCC Cloud Technology Associate. It covers concepts, ideas, terminology, foundation-level, and background. This exam provides professional benefits by examining technical challenges, mitigation strategies, and the steps necessary for cloud adoption success. As qualified Cloud Technology Associates are sought after by organizations, this certification is a significant step in advancing a candidate’s career.
CCC Cloud Technology Associate Exam
CCC Cloud Technology Associate certification is a foundation-level certification. It qualifies candidates with the background concepts, ideas, terminology, and concepts of Cloud Computing. Professionals benefit from studying technical challenges, mitigation measures, and the steps required for successful cloud adoption.Furthermore, the Cloud Technology Associate certification intends to strengthen fundamental knowledge of Cloud Computing concepts. It is also targeted at IT managers, solution consultants, and IT specialists. IT administrators and those involved in provisioning or maintenance are also potential beneficiaries.
Who should take the exam
The CCC Cloud Technology Associate certification is intended to enhance fundamental knowledge about Cloud Computing concepts. The following audience is eligible to take the exam:
IT Specialists (Analysts, Developers, Architects, Testers, etc.)
IT Administrators (Network, System, Database, etc.)
Solution Consultants
IT Provisioning and Maintenance (Hardware/Network, Storage, etc.
IT Managers
Other functions affected by the cloud (Sales and Purchase, Audit, Legal, etc.
Exam Format: CCC Cloud Technology Associate
CCC Cloud Technology Associate exam questions are 40 and must be completed in a period of 60 minutes. It is important to manage your time. It also advised that you should spend no more than one minute per question, as there are 70 questions. If you complete your exam in 40 minutes, you still have 20 minutes to revise your answers and recheck them.
There are many types of questions on the exam, including short answers, multiple-choice and mark review. You can start with the case study questions because there are so many types of questions. They are the most time-consuming. Next, you have the option to choose between multiple-choice and short answers. To pass the exam, you must score at least 65%.
Course outline
The CCC Cloud Technology Associate exam covers these topics:
Domain 1: Introduction to Cloud Services Model
Learn about the challenges and concerns that traditional computing methods face.
Definition of cloud computing by Gartner and NIST.
Demonstrate the evolution in cloud computing and list the key characteristics, service models, deployment models, and essential characteristics of the cloud.
Definition of NIST’s cloud Taxonomy (service-provider versus consumer responsibility model) & Cloud Actors (service suppliers, consumers, auditors carriers, brokers, and carriers).
The business value difference between cloud and traditional computing models.
This list includes all the cloud computing benefits as well as its challenges.
Definition of the cloud terminologies most commonly used in cloud computing.
Domain 2: Introduction To Virtualization: The Backbone Technology Of Cloud Computing
Understanding the history, definition, and fundamental concepts of virtualization, including the relationship between cloud computing and virtualization.
Understanding the benefits, risks, and suitability for virtualization in organizations.
Learn all about hypervisor, its role in virtualization and the different types of hypervisors.
Recognizing t