How do you implement a cybersecurity strategy?

How do you implement a cybersecurity strategy in today’s fast-paced and content-driven world? Software and apps are being developed at lightning speed by development teams. Cybersecurity is often the last priority on the list. This is dangerous as cybercrime has become the U.S.’ largest foreign security threat. Although development and cybersecurity teams often work in isolation, working together can be a powerful defense against bad actors seeking to destroy the software and apps that they have worked so hard to create.
Cybersecurity issues
Because content is so important to a business, the development team tends not to be as large as the cybersecurity team. Cybersecurity is often not prioritized properly because development teams and cybersecurity teams work separately. Cybersecurity strategy is not practiced by the entire team. It’s more of a “last stop” on an assembly line. The lack of skilled personnel in the industry is another factor that has a negative impact on the small size of cybersecurity teams. These factors lead to a backlog in software and apps that must be secured.
According to the National Institute of Standards & Technology, errors in the integration phase can lead to production interruptions and lost revenue. Because of the disruption to business and the damage to company reputation, errors found in the post-product launch phase are five times more costly to correct.
Cybersecurity proactive
It is possible to practice a sound cybersecurity strategy and still maintain a rapid pace of development. However, this requires a completely new approach to the development process. This means that cybersecurity should not be the last stop on the software program’s journey from being published to the public. App security must be integrated into the development process to ensure that developers are aware of top security issues as soon they occur. This is better than waiting until the end of the process when thousands of less important issues alerts are available.
If cybersecurity strategy is integrated into a company’s development process as a discipline, it makes that team more prepared for malicious cyberattacks. The development team is closely integrated with the cybersecurity team so they can quickly identify the impact of a cyberattack on their company rather than having to sift through unchecked code.
All employees can be trained to implement a cybersecurity strategy. You can make sure that all employees are aware of cybersecurity and follow strict procedures.
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