How long does CCIE Training take at Least?

How long does CCIE training last? Many network engineers are striving to achieve the Expert-level Certification, CCIE Cisco Certification. Many people are anxious about taking the exam, as they fear that it will take too much time. It can be difficult for people who are already working to study. Many people are curious about the preparation time for Cisco CCIE. How long will it take for them to complete CCIE Training?

Training time is affected by whether there is a foundation. The foundation is the most important factor that will affect everyone’s training time. You will spend less time if you have a foundation. Candidates without a foundation must begin training with Cisco CCNA. They will spend more time. The time required depends on the foundation level. Let’s now discuss the SPOTO Network courses and the time it takes to complete them.

What is the average time it takes to complete CCIE training for novices? SPOTO offers a zero-foundation CCIE training program for novices. It is clear that the course will cover all content from CCNA through CCNP and then on to CCIE. This will take a while.

The Study of CCNA

Cisco has now combined the nine directions for CCNA. There is still much to learn. Currently, there are 28 hours of CCNA SPOTO classes, which take approximately 24 days to complete.

The Study of CCNP

The CCNP is broken down into two modules. The 36-hour course for the basic module takes 30 days, while the 14-hour special module takes 14 days.

The Study of CCIE Theory

The basic module course requires 22 hours of class time, which takes 20 working days. The special module course requires 48 hours of class time, which takes 45 working days.
The Study of CCIE LAB

CCIE Lab takes two months and takes 3 hours each night on weekdays, and 8 hours on weekends.

CCIE training takes novices about six to seven months. This is still a great situation. The trainees should follow the SPOTO courses. For zero-based candidates, however, it is worthwhile to learn CCIE for at least half a year.

Candidates with a foundation will be able to start CCIE training in about two years. If you have a foundation and feel confident that you can start with CCIE, then you will only need to spend the time to learn CCIE Theory and CCIE LAB. It usually takes three and a quarter months. It takes two months to complete the CCIE LAB module course if you are confident in your CCIE theory. The time required to complete the CCIE LAB module course is very short.

The training time is not included in the above. Candidates don’t have to take the courses every day. However, they should still practice to consolidate their knowledge at each course’s end. It is impossible to remember the question bank during class, so it is important to use the time after class. CCIE Training is generally a half-year long for candidates with zero foundation. However, we cannot forget to practice after class!