How to use Slack in project management

How to use Slack in project management

Slack can be a powerful tool in your project management toolkit if used well.
Slack is a collaboration tool that teams can use. Slack is a great way for teams to communicate with each other, especially as more teams operate in virtual environments.
Slack is more than just messaging. Slack integrates with many project management applications, and Slack can be used to provide a central hub for all of the chatter associated with projects.
It’s one tool I use for my projects.

Slack: How teams use it
Project Management: Slack Channels
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Slack Project Management: A Example
SlackQuick Tips to Stay Productive and Avoid Slack Overload

What is Slack Good for?
Get started with Slack for Your Project1. Register for an account
2. Form a team
3. Set up your channels
4. Install your integrations
5. Chat, but use threads

Have fun! Key Takeaways

Slack: How teams use it
A 2017 survey revealed that Slack was used by:
32% less email
23% fewer meetings
24% of features (in technicalteams), delivered on time
Software testing takes 27% less time
10% improvement in employeesatisfaction.

Slack helps teams communicate better, collaborate better, and get better results. Work is completed faster, to a higher standard, and with happier people. What’s not love?
Okay, so the IDC report, “The Business Value of Slack”, was sponsored by Slack. But, I would take results half as good. Your project collaboration tools should be considered as part of your comms strategy.

Get a free project communications plan template.
Project Management: Slack Channels
Slack has channels that allow for chat and collaboration. It would be too confusing if everyone was talking at once. You can invite people into a channel. You may already have Slack in your organization with channels for different departments.
Here are some examples of slack channels that you could use for project management.
# Project name: Create a channel for your project team
# Project sub-group: Have a lot of one type subject matter resource? Or is it that one group is very collaborative and others don’t need all the information? You can create a channel for the group, workstream, or sub-team.
# Testing: Create a channel for your project’s testing group. This channel can include core project team members as well as user acceptance or user group participants.
# Project Managers: Create a community for project delivery professionals and the PMO within Slack.

You can make your channels public (or at the very least, public within your company) so that anyone can view the discussion.
Transparency is a huge advantage. The biggest problem I saw was managing information overload. But if your Slack workspace is well-organized, this doesn’t happen. You can check Slack regularly to see if there are any new messages.
Slack Integrations for Project Management
Slack is not a replacement for your project management tool unless you are doing something small or relatively simple. To create your Scrum board or Gantt chart, you will need another tool for most projects.
Good news! Slack can be integrated with many other things! This is great for project managers, as you can use your preferred tool (and if needed, here are all my reviews of software), and your coworkers can receive notifications in Slack.
They don’t need to learn how to use another product. They can do their work and manage their tasks from within Slack.
There are many project management apps available for Slack, including integrations with:
Teamwork Projects
Google Drive and Hangouts

Plus, there’s more! It’s definite