Is CCNP Certification getting high social recognition?

Currently, intermediate network engineers refer to those who have passed the examination and obtained CCNP and HCIP certifications or passed the “national information technology and software professional technical qualification exam” (hereinafter referred as the computer software qualification exam). It is very beneficial to your career and future salary growth to be able become an intermediate network engineering. We will be discussing the social recognition and job prospects of CCNP certification. This certification is highly sought after in the market.
What is CCNP Certification?
CCNP certification, which is Cisco Certified Network Professional, is the intermediate certification in Cisco Cisco Certification. The CCNP certificate is a senior network engineer’s ability to set up, configure, and troubleshoot converged LANs and WANs with more than 500 nodes. It can manage routers and switches that make up the network’s core, as well as edge applications that integrate voice and wireless into the website.
Is CCNP Certification High in Social Recognition?
Cisco is the world’s largest provider of network solutions. Cisco’s name is derived from San Francisco, home to the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge. Cisco is both a manufacturer and an ancestor of the IT network. Cisco certification is required for most network engineer positions. It is an authoritative international certification in the field Internet. There are three levels of Cisco certification: CCNA Cisco Certified network assistant engineer (primary), CCNP Cisco Certified network engineer (intermediate), and CCIE Cisco Certified Internet expert(expert). They have very different examination content and social recognition.
The CCNP certificate, which is an intermediate certification, is not valid for a permanent period. The CCNP certificate has a validity period of 3 years. However, it can be recertified. Recertification is possible by passing a core examination in any direction of the CCNP exam, two CCNP elective exams, or the existing CCIE Lab exam within the validity period.
There are many subjects in CCNP exam, but they are all theoretical exams without lab examination. It is easier to get CCNP certificates if there are dumps in the theoretical examinations. There are many people who have successfully passed the exericse at present. The scoial recognition for CCNP certification is far less than CCIE expert certification.
Generally speaking, CCIE certificate holders can earn an average annual salary of USD 15,612 in the first tier cities and USD 12,490 for the second tier cities. The salary increase for CCNP certificates should be lower than the CCIE certificate.
We recommend that you obtain CCIE certification. The difference in salary between engineers with CCIE certificates and engineers without serious problems is 5% – 9%. Engineers with CCIE certificates are able to solve problems faster than regular engineers, have higher customer satisfaction, reduce average network downtime by 37%, and can also deal with more complex problems quicker than other engineers. It can greatly enhance their technical abilities, as well as help with future career development and salary improvements. It is the most economical in terms of both time and money.