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Is the cost of the latest CCIE Certification Exam decreasing?

Many college students and people who are interested in social work can obtain certifications. There are many people who take certification exams in all walks. There are many certificates that can be applied to all walks of life. In the Internet industry, network engineers must have obtained the basic certificate. Certificates not only prove candidates’ abilities, but also allow enterprises to better understand their potential. There are many certificates in the Internet industry. The certificates can be classified as either government examinations or examinations conducted by well-known industry manufacturers.
Cisco certification is a popular choice among many network engineers. This certification is a certification that is offered by manufacturers and is quite expensive. Many people are curious about whether the cost of the newest CCIE certificate examination has dropped over time. SPOTO will then discuss this issue with you.
What is the cost of the latest CCIE exam?
The current CCIE exercise, which was updated to the most recent version in 2020 after the comprehensive upgrade of Cisco certification, is still in its latest version. I have not heard anything about the CCIE certification’s innovations. How much is the CCIE exam fee? Let’s start with the registration fee. The CCIE examination registration fee consists mainly of a written examination and an experimental examination. The price for the 120-minute written exam is USD 400. The experimental test costs more, but it is directly related to the test site. The test fee for Beijing is USD 1,686 The test fee for Hong Kong is USD 1,600. The test fee for a mobile site is USD 1,900. The newest CCIE exam costs USD 2,000.
Is the cost of the latest CCIE Certificate Examination decreasing?
It is easy to confirm, as mentioned above that the exam fees for the latest CCIE exam are not decreasing. Many people will wonder, “Why is this certification so expensive?” The exam fee ranges from USD 2,000 to USD 2,030. The price is a bit higher than the soft test. But, it is the commercial certification that was launched by the manufacturer. The price is high and the certification’s gold content is very high. It is still a worthwhile investment. However, there is one problem: the difficulty of CCIE certification, especially in the experimental exam, is very high. It is unlikely that you will be able to pass it all at once. This means that you will need to retest and will have to pay a new fee. Participating in training is a better option if you want to increase your passing rate for the CCIE exam.
The cost of CCIE certification training is also high. The prices for activities at different times vary and fluctuate. You can find information on the official SPOTO website and listen to the course. Although the cost of the CCIE certificate exam has not dropped in general, it is still worthwhile to take training and pass the examination.