Is the Training for Network Engineers Useful?

Is network engineer training useful? Network engineer is a popular and exciting career that offers great salary potential and broad development opportunities. To become a network engineer, however, you must pass certifications from well-known companies like Cisco and HUAWEI. These exams are often difficult. Many people are unsure where to begin. Self-study is not efficient and has a low pass rate.

What is the network engineer test? Is it hard? Cisco Certification is an example. Cisco Certification can be divided into three levels: Expert Level, Senior Engineer Level, and Expert Level. CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE are the three levels of Cisco Certification.
CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate)
The CCNA Exam is very simple. After revision, there is only one exam with a question bank. However, Cisco CCNA has a low value. CCNA is only for network engineers. This does not mean that you can get better development.
CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional)
Candidates must take two written tests to pass the majority of the CCNP Test directions. This is not required for all directions. It should be clarified according the technical directions of CCNP. One direction is the core written test, and one is the optional written test. CCNP contains more content, has a higher value, and is more difficult than CCNA. We can see, however, that CCNP only has a theoretical test and not an experimental one. The pass rate for CCIE is generally higher than that of CCNP. Although CCNP is easier than CCIE, self-taught students will need to be disciplined. You must also be able to discern the benefits and drawbacks of learning materials online and choose the best. It can be difficult to make a rational use of your time and energy.
CCIE (Cisco Certified Internet Expert)
The CCIE Test Expert Level is composed of a written test and an experiment test. This test not only tests the theoretical knowledge but also the practical ability. It also requires greater requirements for candidates’ comprehensive quality (operational, organization, and expression ability). Candidates should pay attention to the mastery and accumulation of theoretical knowledge points, as well as the creation and improvement of their knowledge base. Candidates should also be aware of the practical application and skills they use to improve their comprehensive abilities.
Important importance of training
It is a good idea to sign up for a training institution if you don’t have a foundation. The teachers at the training institution can help you with technical issues. This is a great opportunity to advance your career.

SPOTO teachers have a wealth of teaching experience as well as practical experience in real network projects. This gives them rich theories for teaching. We offer a complete tracking service for candidates. If they meet the conditions, we will send our learning gift package to them after each class.

SPOTO will also create a timetable that is reasonable and targeted. SPOTO’s learning method of preview + lecture + review and practice will help you expand your knowledge horizontally. It will also restore the real exam room scene 1:1 to help candidates improve their simulation exercises. It’s no longer a problem to interview!