Is there a training class for the CCIE Lab

Is there a training class for the CCIE Lab
CCIE is a Cisco expert-level certification. It can be described as a high-level certification. It consists mainly of a written exam and a laboratory exam. The eight-hour lab exam is the most difficult. Many network engineers will wonder if they can learn by themselves in the written exam. If not, they will then need to find a learning institution that specializes in CCIE Lab training. Is there a CCIE Laboratory training course?

The answer is YES. There is a CCIE Laboratory training course. There are many sub-divisions in SPOTO to meet the needs of different students. One of these is the CCIE Lab Training Class. Candidates with network experience are most likely to be offered this course. People who have passed the core exam correspondingly to the CCNP can also participate in the CCIE Lab Training Class for training and can become a CCIE through passing the lab exam in accordance with CCIE. This is due to the recent reform of Cisco certification. The CCNP core exam and the CCIE writing exam are the same. These people may also need the CCIE lab training class.

Cost and content of the CCIE Lab Training Class
How much does a CCIE lab training course cost? Is it going to be expensive? SPOTO shows that the original price for the CCIE lab training course is 1855 US Dollars and the preferential price is approximately 1565 US Dollars. The price of the event will vary depending on when it is held. SPOTO can provide more information. The price is very reasonable, to be honest.
The lab training class in SPOTO’s rich and varied content is well worth the cost. The new CCIE Lab exam has two modules instead of the original three. This was done following the last Cisco certification reform. As an example, take the EI direction. The first module is the design part, which takes three hours in the morning. The second module is deployment operation and optimization, which takes five hours. SPOTO courses are based on the entire syllabus. They closely follow the laboratory syllabus. This can ensure that what you learn is the actual test content. A cloud laboratory is also available, which can be used anywhere and anytime. There are also unit tests that can be used to track your learning. The entire training can be used to quickly learn the knowledge points and increase the pass rate for the Lab exam.

Other Classes of CCIEs in SPOTO
SPOTO offers many types of CCIE Training Courses, including the CCIE Lab courses mentioned above. These courses can be customized to suit different foundations, such as personal foundations. The CCIE Through Train is for beginners who don’t have any foundation but still want to take CCIE exams. This training class includes a complete set of CCNA and CCNP courses, as well as CCIE LAB classes. After completing the course, you can skip the CCNA or CCNP exams and take the CCIE examination immediately. This class is the most expensive. However, it is also the most expensive. It also depends on the direction you choose (e.g., EI). The CCIE through train has a preferential price of 2435 US Dollars. There is also a CCIE package available. This class is a great option for students with foundation in CCNP. The CCIE package contains CCIE theory and LAB classes. This training is designed to teach CCIE theory + LAB. You can take the CCIE exam after you have completed this course. The preferred price for the CCIE package is 1855 US Dollars.

SPOTO is a trusted Lab training class for those who are preparing to take the CCIE lab exam. SPOTO has a pass rate of 90%+ for the CCIE exam, which is favored and cherished by many students. Our goal is to help students realize their dreams of becoming CCIE!