Is Your Home Computer a Mind of Its Own?

Are you experiencing slowdowns in your computer’s speed, pop-ups that appear at random times, or other strange issues? Your computer could be infected by a virus, adware or other malware, regardless of whether you have an antivirus program.
These steps can be helpful.
Step 1: Enter safe mode
You can start your computer into Safe mode if you suspect that your computer is infected by malware.
You need to do this for Windows 7 and older:
Shut down your computer. Select Safe Mode with Networking from the Advances Boot Options menu. Press Enter. This method might not work if you are using Windows 8. If this happens, you will need:
Click Restart by pressing both the Shift and Power keys simultaneously. Windows will prompt to choose an option. Click Troubleshoot. In the Troubleshoot screen click Advanced Options. Press Startup Settings in Advanced options. Click Restart to make changes to Windows options and enable Safe Mode. A screen will appear with nine startup configurations after the machine restarts. Step 2: Download, install, and run Malware Scanners
You are now ready to scan for malware once you have entered Safe Mode. Superantispyware, Malwarebytes and Bitdefender Free are all highly recommended. Keep in mind that not all malware and its variants can be detected by antivirus programs.
Step 3: Keep your computer clean
After scanning and removing all malware, ensure that you have a good real-time antivirus program on your computer. There are many free alternatives to paying a yearly subscription if you don’t want to spend money. These include Avast, AVG and Microsoft Security Essentials. This latter can be installed automatically on Windows 8 (renamed “Windows Defender”) It is a good idea next to check your online accounts like bank, email, and social networking sites. You should look for suspicious activity and change your passwords, as malware can steal your passwords. Make sure that Windows Update is enabled to automatically download and install any updates.
Original text by John Holowell
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