My Bumpy PMP Story – Success Story – Prothoughts

My Bumpy PMP Story – Success Story – Prothoughts

Now you know how to earn PDUs. It was simple, wasn’t it?
The next step is reporting on the PDUs.
PDU activities should be recorded as they occur. CCRS is the best way to record PDUs. To maintain active certification status, you must keep track of your PDUs and complete renewals before the end of your CCR cycle. Your certification will be suspended if you fail to earn and record the required PDUs during your CCR cycle.
Your CCR cycle is valid for three years from the day you pass a PMI certification (e.g. PMP(r).

You should report PDUs on one of these two categories:
Education – Opportunities to learn that will help you expand and improve your leadership, technical, or business management skills.
Giving back to the Profession: Activities that allow you to share your knowledge and skills in order to help the profession grow.

Each PMI certification has different CCR requirements, as shown below.

According to PMI(r), Project Managers should have a combination of leadership, technical, and business management skills – the PMI Talent Triangle ™.
Technical project management: Knowledge, skills and behaviors related to specific domains of Portfolio, Program, and Project Management.
Leadership: The ability to apply leadership skills and behaviors to cross-cutting activities that help organizations achieve their business goals.
Business and strategic management: Expertise and knowledge in an industry or organization that improves performance and delivers better business outcomes.
The education component of CCR is aligned to the PMI Talent Triangle in order to ensure Project Manager skills remain relevant in an ever-changing business environment. You must have at least one PDU in each skill area of the PMI Talent Triangle, including technical, leadership, strategic, and business management.
Education PDUs can be more than this amount, and there is no limit to the number of PDUs you can earn in education.
Further breakdown of education requirements is done based on the PMI Talent Triangle skills areas, as described below.

Giving back to the profession:
PMI recognizes the value of sharing your knowledge and actively utilizing your skills to benefit the profession. Many people find that giving back is a valuable learning experience that can enhance your professional development in many ways. Giving back activities are eligible for PDU and can be incorporated into the CCR program.
It is important that you note that giving back is an option to earn PDUs. These are the maximum PDUs that can be earned for each certification in this group. The total number of PDUs earned by giving back PDUs cannot exceed the above limits.
PMP, PgMP and PfMP are subject to the “Giving back PDUs” limit of 25 PDUs.
PMI ACP, PMI RMP, PMI SP, and PMI ACP, the maximum “Giving back PDUs” amount is 12 PDUs.
Another question that is frequently asked is “Can one training or event grant you PDUs across multiple certifications?” You can read our blog “How to Maintain Multiple PMI Certificates” to find out the answer.
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