NexGenT at Cisco Live 2019

Wow! NexGenT was thrilled to be there for Cisco Live’s 30th anniversary. They spared no expense. What was Cisco Live 19? Cisco Live 19 saw 28,000 people, 1.2 million views online, 45,000 unique devices connected, and 75,000 TB data passed through their network, which was a new record. It would be an understatement to say that the event was huge. It was definitely the place to be for the IT industry!
There were many big announcements at Cisco Live 19. Everyone knew that Cisco was poised to lead the IT industry into the future with aggressive innovation. This was evident from the opening keynote by Chuck Robbins (CEO of Cisco). The week began with the opening keynote by Chuck Robbins, CEO of Cisco. They set the scene for the week and showed off what Cisco would be showcasing. David Goeckler, EVP/GM Network and Security, gave an exciting insight into the future of Cisco. He announced Software Defined Networking over Multidomain Architecture to allow the three domains at the Access Layer and the WAN to work together. The Network Engineer will now be able automate the entire process, from the user to the application in the network. Scott Harrell, SVP/GM Enterprise Networking Solutions, then introduced us to WIFI 6/6G and how Cisco uses them to expand its campus network. Sacha Gupta (SVP, Product Management) followed Scott and showed us how Cisco DNA would implement AI and Machine Learning to enable Network Engineers to quickly and accurately diagnose and fix problems in their network. This will allow them to use automatic packet capture to show what was going on when they were experiencing problems. He explained how Cisco will offer Machine Reasoning, which will identify anomalies in your network depending on your setup and use case. The keynote focused on how Cisco is preparing to transition to a post Quantum computing future. The quantum computer will easily defeat the encryption methods we currently use. It is imperative that we strengthen our encryption before the quantum computer is made. The technology is becoming so advanced that it is mind-blowing!
Chuck Robbins concluded the opening keynote with the most important announcement of all, as he revealed Cisco’s New Certification Suite. They are restructuring the current engineering department and adding a new software suite called DevNet Certification. This certification is for software developers working in the DevOps area.
Jacob Hess, co-founder of NexGenT, was able get a detailed breakdown of all the changes to Engineering Certifications from Greg Cote, the Product Manager for Cisco Certifications. You can see the video at this link.
We also had the opportunity to interview Ryan Rose, Cisco DevNet Certified Developer. NexGenT now has a better understanding of the DevNet Certification and how to train people. The detailed information will be provided in a C video.
After the opening keynote NexGenT was granted exclusive access to the World of Solutions at Cisco Showcase. David Hunt, the Network Architect responsible for designing the entire Cisco Live 19 Network gave us a private tour through the Network Operation Center. He took us on a tour of the network that reached beyond the San Diego Convention Center to the Hyatt and Marriott hotels. He explained that they had basically taken control of the wireless access points at the convention center to provide a great network experience for all 28,000 attendees. Watch the full video.
We were then able to walk the entire floor by ourselves. It was like being a kid in a candy shop. We really got to “Geek Out!”
We learned everything we could about WiFi 6G and 5G. These two new technologies aren’t necessarily in competition, but can be used together if they are properly used. WiFi 6 will significantly increase wireless capabilities in buildings and surrounding areas, and 5G will allow you to use more functionality while on the move and not have to connect to a WiFi network. Cisco offers WiFi 6 capable access points right now. We were actually able to interview Cisco’s Product Manager for WiFi 6. You can watch the video to find out more.
It was also exciting to see Cisco partner with other vendors to offer innovative solutions. Companies such as Google, Pure Storage, Pure Storage, and Net App are just a few of the many companies that participated. Two of these solutions were actually presented to us in person. Another partnership we learned about was how Cisco partnered up with the City of New Orleans. They partnered with the city to reduce crime by using Cisco products such as routers, cameras, DNA center, and routers. Through this partnership, we discovered that crime has dropped to its lowest level since Hurricane Katrina devastated the city. We spoke to the account manager about this solution and she gave us some inspiring insights. This video is a must-see!
NexGenT had a great time at Cisco Live 19. We had a lot fun and learned a lot. Cisco Live is the place to be if you want to see the future of the industry. They will be back in Las Vegas next year and we can’t wait to see the new innovations they unveil! Perhaps NexGenT will be there.