NexGenT Celebrates the FSNE 6-19 Cohort Graduation

We gathered to celebrate the success of our Full Stack Network Engineer 6-19-202020 cohort on the evening of December 15. It was an exciting moment for all as the cohort members completed the Full Stack Network Engineer program (FSNE). They had worked hard over 22 weeks to reach their goals. The cohort was launched on June 19, 2020 and ended with 66 graduates.
The program taught students what it takes to become a successful Network Engineer in today’s workforce. Most students started the program with no prior networking experience. They learned the basics of networking and advanced to designing, planning, and deploying their own multisite, enterprise-grade networks at the end. This cohort is now on the job hunt phase. Some of these students have already been promoted or landed new jobs in IT.

What is the program like?
The FSNE program prepares students to work in the real-world. Students are rigorously vetted over 22 weeks, through multiple checkpoints and milestones that include multiple awards. Students must first earn the Full Stack Network Associate award (FSNA) from NexGenT. Students must pass a written exam to be eligible for the Full Stack Network Associate (FSNA) award from NexGenT. They also need to deploy a real network that supports routing, switching, voice over IP and network security. After obtaining the FSNA certification, students work towards their Cisco Certified Network Associate(CCNA) certification. The students should be able to obtain this certification within the 90-day period. This will allow them to move on to the advanced training portion of the program. Students immediately learn project management skills and begin to design and build their first projects after they have entered advanced training. Their first project is a strong 3-site network deployment that includes a headquarters and two remote offices. The second project is a Cisco ASA deployment with remote access SSL VPN. This is followed by a Colo Data Center deployment to provide redundancy and additional network services.

After completing the planning, design, implementation, support, and closing of all three projects, the student must pass their final skills qualifications and troubleshooting test to earn their Full Stack Network Professional(FSNP) certificate from NexGenT. Students also receive career guidance and can achieve many milestones related to their personal branding, resume, and career plan. The students move on to the job-hunting phase, where they are focused solely on landing a new job or promotion after completing all milestones and capstone projects.
There are three other cohorts currently running, who will soon be graduating with similar success. Our next FSNE cohort launches February 2021, just a few days away! Click here to learn more about the path to becoming a network engineer or systems engineer. This program includes robust training, project-based learning and career planning. There are no upfront costs.

Six special recognition awards were also given to top performers to recognize the most improved and first to be certified.
The six Recognition Awards winners:
Md Rahman is Master of the Network. Marcus Snelling is the Most Improved. Chris SassoneCCNA 1st to Certify: Oluwatosin Bamidele desaluFSNP Low Latency Award: Jason HoangFSNP Ace award: Amadou dip, Andres Espinal and Audrey Garcia. Join us in congratulating all the graduates from the 6-19 cohort.
Aleshia Wingate, FSNA-0199Alex Bass, FSNA-0176, FSNP-0172Andres Elpinal, FSNA-0179Bernard Adeniran FSNA-0170, FSNA-0172Jason Smith, FSNA-0172, FSNP-0191Donte Dillard FSNA-0172, FSNA-0169, FSNP-0107Christopher Robinson, FSNA-0175Joe Atre, FSNA-0109Sa Horne, FSNA-0107Sergio Maldonado, FSNA-0173Samanthahorne, FSNA-0172Sadaris Corte, FSNA-0189Rostro, FSNA-0172Samantha Manthamanthamantha, FSNA-0109Saderick Mitchell, FSNA-0109Samanthamantha, FSNA-01030107Sergio Maldonado