NexGenT Gives Back: Funding a Water Well for a School in Malawi

We set out to accomplish two things when NexGenT was launched. To help 1,000,000 people change their lives and careers by teaching them how IT and Cybersecurity professionals, regardless of their previous work experience. To disrupt the broken education system by making education more accessible and affordable.
Scenic photo of Ntcheu’s countryside. It was through this second part of our mission, that we decided to partner with Charity Water, a non-profit that provides water to developing countries. Clean drinking water is good for the environment, children, and communities. It also saves time for women and girls who spend 40 billion hours walking to get clean water.
We are thrilled to share with you that we were able, through our work in Charity Water, to fund a school water pipe system. This will provide clean drinking water to 434 people in Ntcheu (Malawi). Malawi is one the poorest countries in the world. It has been hit by droughts and El Nino, which has led to its crops drying out. Access to water is an opportunity to improve the lives of the community’s workers and farmers.
The Kasinje school developed the school water pipe system. Students can now stay healthy and in school instead of having to travel long distances to get water back to their families. NexGenT is all about students being able focus on their studies and their future. We are excited to see the future engineers and innovators of Kasinje and we look forward to seeing what happens for them.

Terry Kim, our co-founder, first heard about Charity: Water and Scott Harrison’s founder in 2010. Terry was working at Cisco at the time. After hearing about Charity: Water, he decided that he would make altruism a core value of his company and that his company would support causes that have a positive impact on the world. Terry also set a personal goal to raise funds for Charity: Water.
Scott Harrison, Founder, Charity Water, and Terry Kim, NexGenT CEO and Founder. Fast forward to 2017, one year after NexGenT was launched. Terry Kim and Jacob Hess, Co-Founders of NexGenT, attended a conference where they had the opportunity to meet Scott Harrison. Terry decided to launch a fundraising campaign for Charity: Water after their meeting. Anyone who donated $5 or more received access to the CompTIA Network+ program. It wasn’t easy but NexGenT was able raise $10k in 3 months with over 1300 donations.
“We launched the campaign as a brand-new company, because I believe that giving back is possible even before a business becomes financially viable. Terry explained that when companies are serious about philanthropy it can change lives. He wanted NexGenT as an example of how companies could give at all sizes. Terry explained, “I am passionate about helping people get out from poverty and making education more affordable. I believe these go hand in hand.”
The fundraiser was successful enough to obtain a water pipe system in Ntcheu, Malawi. It also was part of a $1.2million dollar commitment by other partners to fund 182 additional projects that will bring clean water to 66.265 people. This important initiative gave us hope and showed us what we can do if we are focused on our work.
NexGenT’s commitment to charity continues with our new scholarship program. We are giving 5,000 scholarships for the CompTIA+ Network+ program to IT students and workers who were impacted or prevented from attending school by Covid19. We are committed to helping empower lives by education, whether it is people in our own community struggling to find work or students living in rural areas facing a water crisis.
Images provided by Charity Water and the Kasinje Project