NexGenT welcomes Christian Ryan, Career Success coach

Dr. Christian Ryan is a Career Coach who is obsessed with student success. With more than 15 years experience in student advising and educational programming, she joins NexGenT. Her expertise is in sustainability, environmental science and public problem solving. She is a doctorate holder in educational leadership. Christian was the Sustainability Coordinator at Western Kentucky University, where she created a nationally recognized sustainability program. She was also the coordinator of a Corporate Sustainability Roundtable consisting of 34 Nashville-based businesses. They worked together to develop sustainability policies and practices and coach employees “green teams”.
Christian believes education should be available to all who want to learn and gain the skills and knowledge to not only live but thrive. Her mission is to ensure that all learners have the support, tools, and resources they need to succeed. She wants every student to be able to grow and prosper professionally and personally through their education.
Running, yoga, running, yoga, food and farmers are some of her favourite things. Because she can’t choose, she calls both New Orleans and North Carolina home and spends time there.
About NexGenT Career Service
Our NexGenT Career Service team will work with you to improve your job attainment skills. To create a customized career development plan, we first analyze your strengths and weaknesses. We are so committed to your job success that we assign a Career Success coach to meet with each of you one-on-one to help you reach your goals. Your Career Success Coach will help you master each career milestone, including a professional resume, cover letters, cybersecurity interview preparation, professional LinkedIn profiles, and finally, a job- and career success plan.
We are eager to help you achieve your career goals and level up!
Apply for NexGenT’s Full Stack Network Engineer Program here or NexGenT’s Cyber Security Specialist Program here if you aren’t already a student!