NexGenT Welcomes Noelle Johnson, Career Success Coach

NoelleJohnson, NexGenT’s top-rated Career Services and Success Coach is obsessed with helping job seekers obtain job offers. Her background in tech advocacy groups like CompTIA and Future of Privacy Forum has given her the opportunity to work alongside some of most prominent tech companies around the globe.
Before joining NexGenT, Noelle was a job coach who helped job-transitioners get the support and resources they needed to secure job offers, writing, public speaking, and writing on career-related topics. Through her coaching and content, she has helped hundreds of people around the world get amazing jobs. She has been quoted in numerous news outlets, including Forbes, Fast Company and Glassdoor, PowertoFly and Cameron Diaz’ Our Body Book.
Noellein career coaching is driven by her mission to change the statistic showing that 70% of people don’t like their jobs. Noelle believes everyone deserves a job that is challenging, rewarding, and balanced. She loves seeing students go from a uncertain career path to a job that makes them want to dance with them!
When Noelle isn’t obsessing over new LinkedIn functions and resume formats, you can find her reading action movies, writing about or debating comic book characters, or watching them with her preschooler.

About NexGenT Career Service
Our NexGenT Career Service team will work with you to improve your job attainment skills. To create a customized career development plan, we first analyze your strengths and weaknesses. We are so committed to your job success that we assign a Career Success coach to meet with each of you one-on-one to help you reach your goals. Your Career Success Coach will help you master each career milestone, including a professional resume, cover letters, cybersecurity interview preparation, professional LinkedIn profiles, and finally, a job- and career success plan.
We are eager to help you achieve your career goals and level up!
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