PMP Exam Changes – Why PMP Certified in 2020

PMP Exam Changes – Why PMP Certified in 2020

The Project Management Institute (PMI(r) had previously announced that there would be some changes in the Project Management Professional(r) certification exam beginning in July 2020. However, later changes were delayed due to COVID19 to become effective 2nd January 2021.
Why is the PMP Exam changing in 2020?
PMI(r), which conducts research every 3-5 years, studies how the industry has developed, the impact of new emerging trends and how project managers’ power, authority, and workflow have changed. Based on PMI’s 2015 research, the current Exam Content Outline has been announced in June 2015. Based on the latest PMI research results from June 2015, the current Exam Content Outline was published in June 2015. It will go into effect January 2, 2021.

What are the Exam Pattern Changes
Three Major Changes:
Change # 1
PMP Exam has a growing emphasis on Agile & Hybrid methods.
At the moment, Agile + Hybrid questions are weighing in at around 20%. About 80% of questions are currently based on Waterfall or Predictive Methodology.
Expectations: 1) Predictive or Waterfall: Around 50% & 2) Agile (Adaptive), + Hybrid : About 50%

Change # 2
One thing that was common over the past two decades was that the PMP Exam passed was getting harder and harder with each change. Although not officially announced by PMI, we discovered that the PMP exam passing criteria have become more difficult over time.

Change #3
The candidate is currently being evaluated in five process groups under PMP syllabus:
Monitoring and Controlling

The new exam pattern will allow candidates to be evaluated in three categories:
This category contains 42% of the questions asked by people
Process – 50% Questions from this category
Business Environment – 8% Questions from this Category

#RecordedWebinar ProThoughts by Expert Mr.Arvind NhataWatch the video to learn more about the upcoming changes to PMP! !

Important dates for PMP exam takers
30 June 2019 – PMI released the new PMP Exam Content Outline
31 December 2020 – Last day for the current PMP Exam.
2nd January 2021 – First day of the new PMP Exam.

Why become PMP Certified in 2020?
There are many reasons why you should become PMP Certified in 2020. Many project managers are now working remotely due to the current pandemic. It’s a great opportunity for project managers to enroll in an online or self-paced eLearning course. This will allow them to learn new trends in Project Management and help them become certified in 2020.
It is easy to crack PMP in current pattern: Instead 5 domains, evaluations of PMP candidates will take place in 3 domains. Currently, evaluations are based on five Process Groups: Planning, Execution Monitoring & Closing. PMI is changing this and moving it to the three domains that align more with the PMI Talent Triangle.
People have interpersonal skills
Processes: Technical Project Management
Alignment of business environment with strategic goals and vision

Each new pattern will be subject to some changes and may take time for it to stabilize. Comparing the current pattern to the one you have, you will see that it has been tested. ProThoughts also knows the tricks and tips to help you pass the PMP Exam. What do you gain? It’s not true. It is not. If we want to pass the PMP exam, it is better to do so with a familiar content than an unknown, and one that is more complete than the previous one. You can always access the PMI content via several of our webinars or content that we continue publishing if you have additional questions. PMI suggests that you keep up to date with the latest updates and knowledge in project management to maintain your certification.
Advanced career: “Survival of the Fittest”, the key to the professional world in the next few months or years after lockdown is over, will be the key to the future of the profession. Your career will be boosted and you will have an advantage over others with PMP Certification. You will find that there are many opportunities available to you if you make use of your lockdown time by preparing for PMP Certification. This is the best time to become PMP Certified. By the time you complete training, prepare for the exam, and pass your exam, your lockdown will be stable. You will be able achieve more and perform better in your project. The sooner you become certified, the sooner you can start reaping the rewards.
The higher cost of certification: We anticipate that PMI will officially raise the cost of PMP certification. It could be in the form of o