The Healthy IT Guys

NHSocal’s wellness program was born out of competition and accident. Kevin Landry, the CEO and owner, is competitive by nature. He encourages healthy living and encourages competition. Laura, VP and Employee experience, started a friendly competition with him on their FitBits. This resulted in everyone competing with anyone else who owned one. The company began a competition to get Fitbits, which eventually led to the creation of our program. Walking around the office building is now a way to take a break, brainstorm, and even make calls.
It is an honor to be named a Healthiest Company in San Diego. We love IT and are passionate about computers. However, we also enjoy hiking, surfing, and football. We were very competitive and I’m thrilled to be among the healthiest people in San Diego.” -Ryan Landry (General Manager and VP Government Learning Solutions).
NHSoCal launched “Fresh Fruit Monday”, where all five of our locations receive weekly fruit from organic farms. The weekly shipments include apples, bananas and pears as well as a special “fruit-of-the-week” selection. This has helped to reduce unhealthy snacking habits that we often fall into.
Kevin, our CEO, is the main reason for our wellness program. He has taken us under his physical fit wings to help us make healthy lifestyle choices. Laura Noid, VP for Employee Experience, took this initiative and helped integrate it into our new hire packages. New Horizons will subsidise 50% of the cost of a FitBit for new employees who want to take part.
Our wellness programs have made a significant impact on culture. Employees can have more personal communication through daily walks. FitBit challenges encourage healthy competition, where employees want to win by counting calories and steps.
Interpersonal competition is a key component of our milestones for measuring employee satisfaction in our wellness program. Bragging rights seem encourage everyone to take part. The FitBit challenge measures 10,000 steps per day and is done once a month. If the goal is met, the employee will be awarded a prize such as a company shirt, gift card or lunch with the CEO. If the employee beats their manager, the employee will be rewarded with lunch, half-day, or any other fun prizes.
Mark Twain said that “the only way you can keep your health is to not eat or drink what you don’t like and avoid doing what you love.” We at New Horizons have chosen to do the exact opposite. We do what we love and that includes a healthy lifestyle. Our company culture encourages employees to exercise and makes it fun.