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What are the conditions for applying for the latest CCNA certification?

CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Association), is the first step in Cisco professional certification. It is also primary Cisco certification. Today, I will focus on the registration conditions, examination precautions, and other details.
1. The Registration Conditions Must Be Verified.
First, check if you have the required registration qualification.
CCNA certification is a primary Cisco certification. There are no registration restrictions. All in-service personnel who have DOS, Windows, and a certain level English can register for the Cisco certification exam. Students at Colleges and Universities, as well as personnel who need technical knowledge about key network equipment, are eligible to apply. If you are between 16 and 18, you must be at least 18 years of age. You will need the consent from your guardian. Is there a CCNA exam registration network available? Is it easy for everyone to see? The first step in a career in IT is to obtain CCNA certification. Candidates need only to pass one exam that covers the latest in network technology, security, automation, programmable skills, and job responsibilities. It is important to have a basic understanding of the subject in order to be able to study for CCNP certification or CCIE certification.
2. There are three main registration methods for CCNA certification.
The first is to register online through Pearsen VUE to pass the registration examination. The second is to register over the telephone at the customer service center. The third is to bring your ID card directly to the local examination centre for registration. You can find the information about the examination center and telephone number for the customer service phone on the official website. This is the website we mentioned.
Register online is the easiest of all three. After paying the fee, you can choose your test subjects and schedule your test time. You can then take the exam online. Before signing up, you will need to update your personal information. Candidates who have taken the Prometric test may provide their test ID.
3. Two certificates are required for the CCNA Examination.
First certificate: passport, ID, officer card, and Exit-Entry Permit to Travel to and From Hong Kong and Macao
Second certificate: credit card and driver’s licence, student card, insurance card, temporary residence permit, work permit
4. Book an appointment for the CCNA Test in Advance
Once you have received confirmation, make sure to arrive in the examination room before the exam. You cannot be late. Two valid certificates are required. An ID card is required. Other certificates include student card, driver’s license, temporary residence permit, and student card. The invigilator will take your certificate, sign on VUE and take photos after you arrive at the examination room. After you have completed the formalities, it is possible to enter the examination room. You can’t take anything.
5. The Questionnaire Examination System is Divided into VUE & Prometric.
The contents of the questionnaire at beginning may be slightly different due to different systems. But don’t worry. Unified selection B is relatively secure. You can choose a point from NEXT to END after selecting one. The test questions will not be difficult because option B is usually indicative of an average level of proficiency. Note: One survey asks you if you are over 18. Make sure you choose YES.