What is the CCIE Network Engineer’s Recruitment Position?

What is the role of a CCIE Network Engineer in recruiting? It will be very useful to find a job after becoming a CCIE Network engineer. You can find the relevant information on the recruitment website. Many positions have priority admission conditions for candidates who hold CCIE Certification. The benefits are obvious. How many positions can CCIE Network Engineers fill? What are the career options for Cisco CCIE Network Engineers after graduation?

CCIE Network Engineers in Different Directions
There are many technical areas in the Internet industry. Cisco Certification can be subdivided accordingly. The positions available for CCIE Network Engineers are divided in different directions. For example, CCIE Security Network Engineer or CCIE Data Center Network Engineer. Different enterprises have different requirements for network engineers and their job responsibilities. It all depends on what industry you work in.

CCIE Network Engineer Positions
Different types of companies have different needs. To do technical work, you can visit the manufacturer of network equipment. Network technology is a standard. Each manufacturer is different and each configuration is the same. Regardless of whether the manufacturer has Cisco Certification, the network equipment manufacturer will accept a CCIE Network engineer.

You can also work as a Telecom Operator. There is a great demand for network talent in the major operators, and the main Telecom Operation equipment is mainly Cisco. These enterprises need a high-level CCIE. These Telecom companies have a strong relationship with the city. Netcom’s wages are generally slightly higher.

CCIE Network Engineers are also required by major network product agents. The company’s sales strategy now adopts the agent mode. Very few manufacturers use the direct-sales model. These agents are large in number, and they can be general agents or senior agents. They are engineers or service companies so they place great importance on technical strength. Enterprise agents must have access to qualified engineers and be certified.

You can also visit large enterprise groups such as banks and securities, insurance, petrochemicals, electric power, transportation and civil aviation, multinational corporations, and so forth. Some companies have a larger network than an ISP. This network requires network specialists to maintain. These networks are not intended to provide services to other companies, but they do run a lot of applications such as ERP System and OA. They should therefore be familiar with the Host Operating System as well as some databases and have high expectations for network managers.

Many positions are available for CCIE Network Engineers. These include Chief Technical Officers, Technical Experts and Chief Engineers of Network Engineering. CCIEs can also work in technology, sales, after-sales and other areas.