What is the cost of the new CCIE EI Training Plus CCIE Examinations?

Cisco has introduced a new certification system on February 24, 2020. The new certification system will include the updating and updating of CCIE examination content and forms, as well as the adjustment of exam fees. The content and format of the CCIE examination has changed. Therefore, SPOTO CCIE training institutions will need to adjust and upgrade the relevant courses. Additionally, the training cost module of the exam will be adjusted to a certain degree. This is normal.
First, CCIE EI has been upgraded from the traditional routing and switching direction. EI’s course content is largely based on enterprise network architecture, similar to RS. However, it is a new enterprise architecture with soft defined SDN tech. Soft defined SDN technology accounts 25% of the exam sites. The existing EI knowledge system retains approximately 50% of RS’s original knowledge. The new contents include 25% soft-definition SDN technology, 15% security features and 10% programming. The experimental test section of EI test has been updated to include most C. The old troubleshooting, diagnosis, and configuration have been replaced by design, deployment, operation, and optimization. This is due to the EI outline’s sd-wan (and DNA) which provide the best solutions for enterprise network architecture. They solve the complexity of network configuration, provide convenience for employees, and also allow for some applications to run more efficiently and stability on the network. This upgrade is therefore more thorough than ever before.
SPOTO has made some curriculum changes to help students get CCIE certification. SPOTO also made adjustments in the area of cost. The difference isn’t significant overall.
SPOTO CCIE training packages can be customized to meet the needs of trainees. The through train training course covers everything from CCNA certification to CCIE experiments. The original price was USD 2,467 before upgrading to the current price of USD 2,936. Despite the discount, the price is now USD 2,623, or USD 156 less. The CCIE theory + CCIE Lab package primarily targets students with CCNP certification. The training begins with CCIE theory. The original price was USD 2,155 before revision. The new version’s price is USD 1,999. There is also a course to learn CCIE lab after the launch of the new edition. This is due to the fact that the CCNP written exam and the IE written exam of the new version Cisco are the same. If you pass the NP / IE writing test, you have two options: you can either directly get lab to become CCIE, or you can refer to an optional test that will allow you to become CCNP. It is approximately USD 1,686 after the price discount.
The new CCIE exam will cost approximately USD 2,186. This is more affordable than the original. In the absence of any activities, the maximum price for the new CCIE EI examination and training is USD 5,122. SPOTO offers some exclusive activities, which are also beneficial in terms of training costs. Contact us for more information.