What is the Work Content of CCIE

What is the work content for CCIE? As we all know, CCIE certification is the highest level in Cisco certification. Therefore, the number of people who have passed the CCIE exam are not large. There is still a huge talent gap in the IT industry. What kind of work can you do after obtaining your CCIE certification?

1. Manufacturers of Network Equipment
Because of their success in the development and deployment of the Internet, network equipment manufacturers often have large pockets. Each brand, including Cisco, Alcatel and Lucent, Juniper as well as Nortel, Alcatel and Lucent, Cisco, Ericsson. Extreme, Foundry. Intel, Huawei, Harbor, UTStarcom, and others, are valuable.
2. Telecom Operators
China’s telecom companies now have a 5+1 structure. China Telecom and China Netcom have satellite communications. China Unicom, China Railcom and China Mobile are also in this structure. A better option is radio and television.
Their final data must be carried via IP. This consensus is already in place. Therefore, no matter how large an operator, they are vigorously developing IP bearer network. CCIE has found that no matter how simple the network device is, it is essential to have a multi-service platform.
Many major operators are in desperate need of network talent. All major telecommunications equipment mainly uses Cisco products, so it is important to select targets for CCIEs of high caliber.
3. ISP.
Internet Service Provider is the full name of ISP. It is primarily engaged in value-added telecom services. It is a role that acts as a telecom agent. Telecom operators can also be ISPs and place orders for large lines. They will compete with the ISPs below for lines exceeding 2M. If ISP is to survive the cracks it must adopt the strategy that is both flexible outside and rigid within. External soft strategy is to slander down and to have a flexible approach to telecommunication. There should be no conflicts. The ISP should be friendly to customers and improve service quality. ISPs must have a strong inside strategy. They need to improve their technology and business levels and be better than telecommunications in terms service. It is therefore essential to have a large number high-ranking engineers. CCIE is also highly sought after by major ISPs, who use Cisco products extensively.

4. Manufacturers in Related Industries
These companies are plentiful in the IT industry. Many of these companies are involved in developing databases or firewalls. However, you should try to find a large organization if you are interested in working in such a company. This compound talent, if you are a CCIE as well as a master in another aspect, can help you become a technical director in these organizations.
5. Major Network Product Agents
Today’s companies are more likely to adopt an agency-based sales strategy than ever before. Very few manufacturers still use direct sales. This is despite the fact that they may be senior agents or general agents. These agents are employed by companies that provide engineering and service. They place great importance on technical strength.

Three total Cisco general agents are located in China: Digital China, Xiaotong, and Ingram Micro. Their demand for CCIE is high to increase the company’s strength. Other network companies have a tendency also to learn from Cisco. They require agents to have a minimum number of Cisco-certified engineers within their company. They also have a demand for network talent who is familiar with Cisco.