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Where is the Domestic CCIE Examination held? What certificates are required for the written examination and CCIE Lab?

The following answers are for domestic CCIE examination.
Everyone who is interested in network technology should strive to obtain CCIE certification. CCIE certification is not only Cisco Certified Expert certification, but also a way to learn expert technology in CCIE. Moreover, once you reach CCIE certification, you will feel more pressure to learn and will need to work harder to match the strength of CCIE. This is our ultimate goal. Because only this way can we say, “I am not paper” and “I have strength.” The enterprise can pay you a high salary because you deserve it!
Preparing for the CCIE exam is a difficult task. You must not give up and allow yourself to be stubborn. Otherwise, you will get confused when you combine the protocols you have learned here. Even if I do get the version, I don’t want to be a candidate who can only read. I can answer questions about architecture, protocols, and how to prevent the environment from happening, which are all very important aspects. Troubleshooting is the most difficult part of my exam preparation. Sometimes, there is an error in scheduling. However, this ability is more attainable if I practice and my thinking is clearer. My thinking is the same regardless of whether I make mistakes in the near future. Naturally, mistakes can be made quickly.
When preparing for CCIE, it is important to consider whether you have reached the test level. The most important thing to remember is that you should learn the theory from NA-IE at least three times. It is important to do more experiments and take notes. It is not easy to use when you prepare for the exam! It won’t take long to pass the exam if you complain about it. I have seen an examinee who has been studying for the exam for half a decade. It is a waste. The IE exam is split into two parts. One is the written exam and the other is CCIE Lab. Make an appointment in Vue to take the written exam. Then, make an appointment at the nearest exam location. Remember to bring your ID card, valid certificate and proof of identity to the exam location. You can bring your student ID card, driver’s license, passport, and other valid documents.
After passing the written exam, you have 18 months left to prepare for CCIE Lab. There is still plenty of time. Don’t worry. There are only two locations for the experimental test in China: one is Beijing, and the other is Hong Kong. You can find the nearest test site by looking at the map, but it is better to go to Beijing. Hong Kong is still full of mistakes. You can choose Beijing to take your exam if you are worried about making mistakes in the exam room. It is still very convenient to take the exam in Beijing. You will be served lunch during the exam. However, if you pass the exam, the meal is yours for free. A meal costs USD 1,686 if you fail the exam. This is not worth it. Remember to bring your ID card when you take the experimental exam. Use only one ID card. Although there is a mobile examination room at the location of the exam, it is not recommended to visit. There are many bugs and the chance of passing is still very low. It’s not worth the effort. The time for Cisco’s latest certification is getting closer. I hope you are able to make the best preparations and work hard for your pass!