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15 Easy Ways to Earn Professional Development Units in 2022

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Are you looking to keep your PMI certification current by earning PDUs? You are in the right place!
This article will cover everything you need to know about PDUs, how many you need, and some easy and free ways to earn PDUs for 2022.
You may also consider some additional suggestions that require more effort, but are equally valuable if you have more time and energy for professional development.
Are you ready to dive in? Let’s get started!

What is a PDU?
How many PDUs do I need?
PDU categoriesEducation PDUs
Giving back PDUs

How to maintain multiple PMI certifications
Earning PDUs is easy with these 15 easy ways Claim your pre-course work
2. Mentoring
3. Present at work
4. Do your job
5. Listen to the PDU Podcast
6. Attend a meeting
7. Take a course
8. Reading
9. Watch a webinar
10. Contribute to a Wiki
11. Host a lunch-and-learn session
12. Spend time on ProjectManagement.com
13. Use PM Edge
14. Learn e-learning
15. Learn how to get your next certificate

Additional ideas to earn PDUs
How to claim PDUs
FAQ about PDUs: How long are PDUs valid for?
What is the time it takes to complete a PDU
How do I get free PDUs

Next steps
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What is a PDU?
PDUs are professional development units. They are a measure how much professional, continuous learning have you done.
PDUs can be measured in hours. If you spend an hour on professional education, you can claim them in 15-minute chunks.
How many PDUs do I need?
You must earn 60 PDUs each three years if you have a PMP(r), PgMP (r), PfMP[r]) or PMI–PBA(r).
You can either get 20 PDUs per year or 60 PDUs within the last three months of the three-year cycle. Don’t panic, and get them all in before your certification expires.
You must earn 30 PDUs if you have a PMI ACP(r),PMI-RMP (r), or PMI SP(r) certification.
You must earn 15 PDUs each three years if you have a CAPM(r).
Each certification requires that the PDUs be made up of specific education. We’ll get to that in a moment.
Below are the tables that show the required number of PDUs for each certificate.
CertificationCertification CycleTotal PDUs RequiredEducation Minimum PDUsGiving Back Maximum PDUsPMP3 years603525PgMP3 years603525PfMP3 years603525PMI-PBA3 years603525PMI-ACP3 years301812PMI-RMP3 years301812PMI-SP3 years301812CAPM3 years1596These are detailed in the Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) Handbook, so it’s worth getting a copy of that from the PMI website.
You are nearing your recertification deadline? Read my guide on how you can quickly earn PDUs to renew.
PDU categories
There are two types of PDU:
PDUs for Education
Giving back PDUs

Education PDUs
Education PDUs can be earned through formal and informal learning in the three areas of PMI Talent Triangle: Leadership, Technical, and Strategic Business Management skills.
Here are some examples of how to earn Education PDUs:
Take a course in person
Online training sessions and courses can be taken live or self-paced.
Participating in a PMI Chapter meeting, or PMI event that has an educational session
Self-directed reading
Mentoring or other structured professional discussions between your colleagues and network e.g. Lunch and learn meetings

CertificationTechnical PDUs RequiredLeadership PDUs RequiredStrategic PDUs RequiredRemaining PDUs from any Talent Triangle AreaPMP88811PgMP88811PfMP88811PMI-PBA88811PMI-ACP4446PMI-RMP4446PMI-SP4446CAPM2222Giving Back PDUs
The Giving Back category of PDUs is those earned by volunteering and contributing to the profession.
Here are some examples of ways you can earn Giving Back PDUs:
Doing your day job
You can share your knowledge by publishing articles, podcasts, and videos on your website, your company’s website, or a community platform.
Prezentating at an event
Teaching others.

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