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35th Anniversary Sweepstakes – First Winner’s Trip to Australia!

New Horizons Australia hosted our first winner’s trip from our 35th Anniversary Sweepstakes. Our April winner, Erica Takoch of Pittsburgh, PA, packed her bags and went down under for a 5-day Project Management Bootcamp in Sydney, Australia. “I got to choose from six cities around the world – and Sydney was the obvious choice. The next decision was what to study. I picked Project Management. I’m a Business Analyst on the finance team and process management is one thing our company needs right now,” said Takoch. “Magda, what a star teacher! Not only did she have such in-depth training, she also has real experience in project management. I can’t wait to get back to work and put it all in place!” The Sydney team went above and beyond all expectations to show Takoch the sights in Sydney. Right off the bat, they welcomed her with drinks in the Opera Bar at the famous Sydney Opera House. Throughout the week, various activities were planned to show Takoch a true Sydney experience, including a trip to Bondi, Targona Zoo and a Friday night out at a local pub watching the Sydney Swans football game with the locals. A huge round of applause to the amazing team at New Horizons Sydney for hosting the first winner’s trip and setting the bar high!