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5 Things You Need to Know Before You Invest in the Cloud

Most IT investments begin with a plan that includes technical requirements, costs, timelines, and other details. These plans are often inadequate in explaining the benefits to all stakeholders.
Anthony Sequeira will teach you how to communicate more than the technical aspects of cloud infrastructure. He will also show you how to use the vocabulary to communicate to a wider audience about the benefits and risks of cloud migration.
Here is a breakdown of the topics covered during the webinar:
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Start training0:24
3:55 – Are You Ready for the Cloud?
6:47 – Consider #5: There are risks and challenges with the cloud
10:40 – Steps to implement an off-prem hybrid solution14:09: Impact of the migration upon IT staff and infrastructure
Anthony’s Cloud Essentials course is for you if you are on the non-technical side. CompTIA certification is also available. CompTIA Cloud+ is the best option for technical people.
These blog posts and courses by SPOTO trainers can help you learn more about the cloud.
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