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Android Developer Fundamentals for Beginners (A complete road map)

Android is the most popular operating system for mobile phones. Everyone wants to master the art of Android App Development. It’s not difficult, even if you aren’t a developer. Anyone can create their own Android app with a basic knowledge of programming and a basic understanding about how Android Studio works. We will be looking at the components of Android, their basic definitions, and much more. Before we get into the details about the folders and their importance, let’s first review what android is.
Android is a mobile operating platform that was developed by several developers (mostly Google and Open Handset Alliance). The operating system can be written in Java (UI), C(Core), C++ and other languages. It is part of the OS family Unix-like which is a modified Linux Kernel. It is designed for smartphones, tablets, touchscreens, smartphones and tablets. It was first announced in November 2007 and the first commercial Android device was launched in September 2008. Android has been the most popular smartphone OS since 2011, and tablets since 2013. Android App Development Fundamentals
Android App Development is easier when developers or app development enthusiasts are well-informed about the fundamental concepts. We will cover the components of App Development, the language proficiency needed, the ideal layout and the entire lifecycle for the Android Application.
Because without the Android programming language, nothing is possible, we will begin with it. Android apps can be created in three main languages. These languages are Java, C++, and XML. Java/C++ is used to build the app. XML markup language, on the other hand, is used to create the front end. KOTLIN, a new language, has been popularized in place of Java/C++. Let’s take a look at these languages. Also, read:6 Reasons to Learn Android Developer1. Java
Java is an object-oriented programming language that is class-based. It is optimized to work with minimal dependencies, which is why it is preferred for Android App Development. JAVA programming language allows programmers to write once and run anywhere (WORA). This means that a compiled JAVA program can be run on any platform that supports JAVA. C++
C++ is another language that can be used to develop applications. C++ is also a general purpose programming language. C++ was first introduced in 1985. The language has been through many changes over the years. Modern C++ is object-oriented and generic and has functional features. 3. XML
XML can also be referred to by the Extensible Markup Language (XML). It defines rules for encoding documents using a format that is both machine-readable and human-readable. XML’s design goal is simplicity, generality and usability across all internet sites. KOTLIN
KOTLIN is a cross platform, general-purpose programming language designed to work in complete conjunction with JAVA. KOTLIN was first introduced in 2011. In May 2019, Google declared that KOTLIN is its preferred programming language for Android App Developers. It works on platforms such as:Android.
iOS, macOS,watchOS, tvOS
Android Components
Android App Components are the building blocks of Android App Development. Each component serves a specific purpose and has a life cycle. Some components can be used alone, while others are interdependent. We will be examining four main components in detail.