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Best Project Management Software by Country

We’ve found similarities and differences between business cultures around the globe, and have noted things to consider when working with foreign colleagues. Here’s a summary of the things Project Managers should remember when leading international teams.
Argentina – Argentina is a country where people are educated, conservative, and highly value family. Despite technological advancement in Argentina’s cities, access to rural areas is limited.
Australia-Australians are friendly, easy-going, and value fairness and humility. Australia supports cloud computing and seeks global collaboration. However, data retention obligations prevent cyber-crime from progressing in security and cyber-crime.
Austria – Austrians have a modern, educated, and formal culture. Austrian companies are working towards legal and security improvements that will impact cloud computing services.
Belgium – Belgians tend to be conservative, hardworking, and family-oriented. Belgium has a well-developed IT infrastructure. It has internet, fixed broadband, and mobile users. Cloud computing is more common in the northern Flemish region.
Bolivia – Bolivians are kind and place a lot of emphasis on building relationships and family. Their government has created a secure cloud platform to help them develop technologically.
Brazil – Brazilians are friendly and creative, and they value education and family. Brazil does not have any privacy laws or intellectual property protections. However, the country has made significant improvements in its internet infrastructure and security.
Canada – Canadians are polite, reserved, and direct. Canada boasts a strong IT infrastructure and high-speed broadband access. There have been improvements in cybercrime and privacy legislation.
Chileans – Chileans are well educated and respect their families. Chile is a digitally savvy country with a strong infrastructure and cloud computing capabilities. It is becoming a technological hub in South America.
China – Although the Chinese are open to friendships, they approach business with Westerners with a “us vs. you” mindset. China has made significant progress in IT infrastructure and cloud computing services, but China’s local testing mandates restrict telecommunications products and IT products.
Colombia – Colombians tend to be kind, hardworking, and considerate. Colombia is improving its digital economy and increasing government effectiveness. It is a leader in broadband access and affordability among South American countries. There are also growth opportunities in infrastructure, cloud computing, and other infrastructure.
Denmark- The Danes have a reputation for being well-mannered, sociable, and accomplished. Cloud computing has been adopted by Denmark businesses, and the country is constantly improving their national strategy.
Ecuadorian citizens are friendly, conservative, and value family. Ecuador continues to advance technologically despite topographical challenges and insufficient financial support for infrastructure.
Finland – Finns can be trusted, independent, and private. Finland has a strong digital economy with a tech-savvy population and a strong workforce that stimulates growth and productivity.
France – The French love language, history, cuisine, and education. France has strong cloud services protections and a solid IT infrastructure.
Germany – Germans are private, hardworking people who aim for success in all areas of life. Germany protects cloud computing services through cyber-crime regulations, and up-to date intellectual property protection.
Greece-Greek people are disciplined, family-oriented, and highly value education. Despite being active users of the internet, Greece has not made significant progress in comparison with other EU countries.
Hong Kong – Modern Hong Kong people are a great place to live.