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Best Project Management Software & Tools For Mac

The Mac operating system runs on a limited number of computers and devices. Apple can perform rigorous quality testing and optimize the software for a limited number of hardware configurations. A user-friendly OS allows them to concentrate more on managing projects and less on making their software work. We’ve gathered the top project management software for Mac devices.
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What is Project Management Software for Mac?
Top Mac Project Management SoftwareWrike
Projector PSA
Merlin Project
Schedule for Fast Food

Best Project Management Software Features For Mac
Types of Project Management Software For Mac
What is Project Management Software for Mac?
Mac users can use project management software to make their projects run more efficiently using Apple devices. These applications are popular among Mac users, including web designers, creatives, developers, and others who prefer the Mac OS and iOS. They allow you to create detailed project plans and schedules. These tools allow users to track, prioritize and assign tasks more effectively.
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Top Mac Project Management Software
Our list of top Mac project management software is a must-read for project professionals. These solutions offer core project management features like task management and project planning, as well as collaboration functionality.
Wrike is a cloud-based project management tool for teams. It is compatible with web browsers, and also available as a desktop application for Mac and Windows. The free plan includes web, desktop and mobile apps. There are several paid plans that offer advanced features such as interactive Gantt charts and time tracking.
Wrike’s desktop application for Mac offers users an alternative to multiple browser tabs when managing projects. It offers the same features as the web application and can be opened automatically at startup. You can also adjust the PM software notifications via OS settings.

The desktop app allows for greater focus and less distraction
Flexible task management
Mode offline
It takes time to get used to it.
Users want more intuitive navigation
monday.com offers flexible work management platforms for a variety teams and use cases. It allows organizations to centralize planning, tracking and delivering work. There are eight highly visual views available. There is a free plan that allows up to two users and includes unlimited boards, unlimited documents, native Android and iOS apps, as well as unlimited boards and unlimited docs. A desktop app for Macs running macOS 10.11 or later can also be downloaded.
monday.com, an online software platform that supports major web browsers like Safari, is available. It offers templates that can be used in a variety of situations to make it easy for teams to get started. Drag and drop allows users to customize their tables with different columns. Other features include automation, dynamic documents, and integrations.

Prioritization and task scheduling
Timeline view with dependencies
Easy setup and use
Users want to see more how-to articles and videos
It can be difficult to customize automated functions.
Smartsheet is a web-based collaboration tool that can be accessed from any browser. It also works with iOS and Android mobile applications. The App Store is available for iPhone and iPad users with iOS 13 or higher. There is currently no desktop app, but the platform is simple to use with a familiar spreadsheet-like interface.
Smartsheet allows teams to manage projects, automate workflows and create new solutions. It offers a dynamic workspace, no code tools, and a secure environment. It offers a wide range of capabilities. The web app allows users to create automated workflows, manage users and project settings, as well as edit dashboards. Users who require access to forms, barcodes or QR codes can still use the web app.