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Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft’s Role-Based Azure Certifications

Cloud computing is the fastest-growing technology of today. According to an IDC report, public spending on cloud computing will grow from USD 229 trillion in 2019 to almost USD 500 billion by 2023.
Microsoft Azure is the fastest-growing cloud computing offering on the market today with 29% of the cloud computing market. Microsoft offers many Azure role-based certifications to help you become more proficient in Azure product suites. Microsoft Gold-certified partners such as Koenig offer flexible time slots and one-on-one learning so you can learn at the pace that suits you.
Azure Role-Based Certification
Microsoft is constantly updating the certifications it offers. Microsoft currently offers 3 levels of Microsoft Azure certifications:
Azure – AZ-900
Azure AI – AI-900 (beta)
Azure Data – DP-900 (beta)
Azure Administrator – AZ-103
Azure Developer – AZ-203
Azure Security Engineer – Arizona-500
Azure AI Engineer – AI-100
Azure Data Scientist – DP-100
Solutions Architect – Arizona-300 and Arizona-301
Azure DevOps Engineer – AZ-400
EXAM AZ 900:
Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ900) certification was created to assess your basic knowledge of Azure cloud services. It is also useful for non-technical candidates to better understand the offerings, such as marketing and sales. It covers:
– The fundamental cloud concepts of High Availability, Scalability and Fault Tolerance, Disaster recovery and the difference between OpEx and CapEx. – Describe Azure Resource Manager, Azure Availability Zones, and Azure architectural components. – Describe Azure Firewall and DDoS protection, NSG. – Understand the purchase of Azure services, products, and get a free account.
EXAM AI-900 Beta
The AI-900 certification requires basic knowledge of AI, machine learning, and how to use them on Azure. It includes
– Identifying common AI workloads and understanding the principles of responsible AI- Describing the fundamental principles of machine-learning on Azure- Describing computer vision workloads, identify Azure services and tools for NLP workloads
EXAM DP900 (beta).
Candidates pursuing DP-900 certification need to be familiar with concepts such as relational and non-relational information when implementing them on Azure. It involves identifying and describing.
Types of core data workloads, core concepts for analytics